the worst is over! it is officially the end of the first day of post-surgery recovery, and i have quickly discovered that bed rest may not be as luxurious an antidote as it sounded this morning coming from the doctor’s mouth. in order to pass the time as efficiently as possible, i have spent all day online shopping, and with the abundance of fourth of july sales, it was all guilt free! i guess there is always a silver lining…;)

i’ve been looking for some new transitional pieces to add to my wardrobe for those funky in between summer/fall moments and fell in LOVE with these pieces during my scouting. these are the most recent additions to my wardrobe! the free people stavros button down is something i’ve had my eye on FOREVER; it is so versatile, comfortable, and chic. i’m especially OBSESSED with these black suede elizabeth & james platform sandals; i think they will be the perfect accessory for rush week! i also love the ben amun multi-shaped gold earrings: aren’t they timeless? the r.j. graziano emerald pendant will also be PERFECT to add to my collection of necklaces…i love the layering trend that’s going on right now! i definitely think all of these pieces will be my new staples once my sweatpants-recovery stage comes to an end. :)

what have you had your eye on lately? xo